Slide Large Affordable Pop Art Framed Fabric Wall Art

Meet the Room Changer, Massive Wall Art that’s actually convenient and affordable.

We understand how challenging it is to own really big printed wall art. The framing is either too bulky or limited in size, the prints are delicate and damage easily, and changing the artwork from the frame is next to impossible. Not to mention, it’s hard to find and most oversized wall art is outrageously expensive.

With over 20 years of experience in producing large format artwork for luxury Brands and Retailers, we set out to take on Home Decor, featuring a new product that is both EXCITING and modern, in huge sizes.

Large Affordable neon lost Framed Fabric Wall Art
Large Affordable cool Framed Fabric Wall Art
Large Affordable Pop Art lips Framed Fabric Wall Art
Large Affordable fall flower head Framed Fabric Wall Art
Large Affordable backlit lightbox mountain Framed Fabric Wall Art

Giant Wall Art That Changes Everything

Printed on a high-tech polyester fabric using a dye-sublimation ink process, the colors and detail are stunning. But unlike canvas or poster, the prints don’t scratch, tear, or fade. The material is so durable in fact, it can even be folded up for storage and transportation. There is a thin silicone beading sewn around the edges of the print that fits into the front of the framing. Once inserted, the fabric print stretches tight and is perfectly flat. The process is so easy that prints can be removed and swapped from the frame in minutes, without the risk of damage.

We believe that your home environment is headquarters for your personal brand, a place to proudly represent your taste and culture. But the same way that you grow and change in your life, so should your wall decor. 

Large Affordable backlit lightbox mountain Framed Fabric Wall Art

Don’t Settle For Generic Wall Art!

Knowing that BIG artwork can be changed from the frame at any time relieves the long term commitment that most fear with big wall art. We encourage customers to “try-on” wall art/artists for awhile, see how they feel, and switch it up when they need a change.

The Artists featured on BWD were hand selected based on their ability to use tech to enhance their art. Over the past 10 years, between editing software and camera technology, there have been incredible advancements in the visual arts. Our artists are on the cutting edge of this evolution, harnessing technology in their work and using social media to connect with audiences. For every sale made on BIG, the artist gets a share. By purchasing wall art from BIG you are rewarding the creative effort that made it. There is a digital signature from the artist on the bottom of each print as a badge to highlight the connection between artist and audience.

Large Affordable fall flower head Framed Fabric Wall Art

Owning huge wall art is no longer for a select few. Welcome to BIG!