Astronaut Art on Display for Home Decor

Best Spots for Astronaut Art in Your Home

Looking to indulge the space aficionado within you? Embrace astronaut wall art and get up close to space action day-in and day-out! 

Oftentimes we don’t give enough thought, let alone credit, to the magnificent universe around us; it’s all so gigantic and enormous, too vast to perceive even for the brightest minds. Gorgeous space and astronaut wall art is a great way to remind ourselves of our mite-like existence in the infinite cosmos. 

As if we space nerds needed any convincing to put up astronaut art in your rooms! But what other spaces in your house are best for hanging some literally out-of-the-world space wall art? BIG Wall Décor offers some wonderful ideas:

Astronaut Art on Display for Home Decor

Where to Place Astronaut Art in your Home

No matter how big or small, modern or traditional, minimalistic or loaded your space, remember big wall art, when strategically placed, can create the most impact. We like to fuss over the furniture, fixtures, and linens … and why not? But the wall space remains neglected. 

However, that doesn’t mean you crowd your walls with art like our Astro Bus Stop by CaptvArt  instead, we recommend picking one side of the wall and gracing it with large, preferably oversized, astronaut art … and see how wonderfully it transforms any space, instantly bringing it to life. But some spots are better than others: 

1. Living Room Wall

Admittedly, not everyone who enters your abode is a space fan or enthusiast. But is there anyone who isn’t intrigued by the idea of man in space? For families with children especially, BIG Wall Décor’s futuristic astronaut art can help fuel children’s impressionable young minds with imagination and ambition.

The living room, where you entertain, is always the focal point of attention with all guests, be it friends, family, or colleagues. The wall directly facing your living room sofa or seating is the best spot to hang really big astronaut art where you and your guests can get an up-close look at it … who knows, it might even get some really interesting conversations going. If that’s not feasible, the second best spot would be the wall space directly above the couch.

Astronaut Art on Display for Home Decor
Big Wall Art Trends Neon Artwork
Astronaut Street Art on Display for Home Decor

2. Lobby or Corridor

Many spacious and large homes have a lobby, passageway, or corridor that serve as the main entryway. These are some of the most overlooked spaces and have bare walls … but not anymore. Place some brilliant astronaut art here for visitors to marvel at as soon as they enter your not-so-humble abode.

3. Home Office, Library, or Study

Having a dedicated work space or study at home is not uncommon and is in fact an increasingly prevalent concept in these challenging pandemic-inflicted times. Adorn the empty walls of your study or library with dazzling astronaut digital art. What’s more, it will even serve as a fitting aesthetic background as you Zoom or video conference with your clients and colleagues, creating the perfect professional setting and not to mention a positive, forward-thinking impression.

Astronaut Art on Display for Home Decor
Retro Astronaut Art on Display for Home Decor

4. Studio Apartments

Studio spaces can get cramped really quickly, but not with the right objects like art! Consider magnifying your space with astronaut wall art – a looming piece of large astronaut art on a wall draws immediate attention, giving the impression of a roomier space. It also helps set an optimistic and can-do mindset as astronauts in space make any idea seem doable.

Astronaut Street Art on Display for Home Decor

We Feature an Impressive Astronaut Art Collection

As modern digital art becomes more and more popular – many metropolitan areas exhibit astronaut street art and even retro astronaut art. BIG Wall Décor features spectacular art of many immensely talented and futuristic artists for you to choose from, ranging from breathtaking CGI to surreal astronaut art.

Are you ready to launch your home space projectile? Shop Astronaut Art today and get set for some exciting space adventures … from the comfort of your couch!