Big Hawaii Wave Tropical Beach Wall Art

Beyond the SURFace with New Artist Derek Gomez

Immerse yourself inside of a crashing wave, with views of the colorful waters and mountainous sceneries between San Francisco, California and Ko Olina, Honolulu, Hawaii. Your ticket is right here. This Surf and Ocean Landscape photographer takes his surf photography to the next level with his incredible shots and camera angles, always inviting his viewers to explore the deep ocean a little more intimately. Ladies and gentleman, we present to you our new artist, Derek Gomez.

Large Hawaii Beach Wave Wall Art Beach Decor

From Playlists to La Playa:
As above, so below. The earth never ceases to amaze us with it’s miraculous beauty. The same goes for it’s oceans and the beautiful mysteries it provides. We’d like to introduce you to one of our newest Surf and Ocean Landscape photographers, Derek Gomez. When he’s not watching Star Wars, listening to podcasts or creating a new music playlist, Derek loves to explore the ocean blue and photo-document all of its magnificence.

Where the Ocean Meets Land:
Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, Derek Gomez has always had a deep interest in the ocean and it’s magic. Derek’s keen eye for beauty and detail stays prominent in his Big Wave Art photography. His love for photographing the ocean eventually led him to live and work in the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. For the past decade, Derek loves to experiment with his Go-Pro and other specialty cameras such as the Sony Alpha, capturing each and every incredible image. He continues his education on Shorebreak Photography and in perfecting his technique, continuously growing and developing as a well-rounded Surf and Landscape photographer.

Underwater Amplified:
Derek has a unique eye for sharing the true power of the sea and ocean, it’s magic, and it’s inhabitants. The Surf and Ocean Landscape photographer incorporates different zoom lenses and light digital editing to amplify his deep passion and love for the ocean and all it has to offer the world. Whether he’s enjoying the beach or editing his photos, Derek finds inspiration from both reggae and island musical genres. From the calming seashore to being engulfed by waves from underwater, you will love his point of view in his Surf and Ocean Wave Wall Art.

Large Hawaii Beach Wave Wall Art Beach Decor
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