BIG Artist Drop: Frank Moth’s Nostalgic Postcards from the Future

The Artist(s) Behind The Work

Frank Moth creates nostalgic post cards from a distant but at the same time familiar future. He makes vintage digital collages and compositions with specific, distinctive retro color palettes and surreal environments. Originally from Veria, currently based in Thessaloniki, Greece, Frank Moth has been featured in many publications worldwide such as Colossal, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post US, Design Milk and more. His work is currently showcased around the world in many galleries online.

The Pseudonym

Frank Moth is the work of two collaborating artists. They use Frank Moth instead of their real names because they do not seek personal recognition, but choose to allow the artwork to speak for them. It also helps to separate the artwork from their professions, which are very different. Frank means frank, as in truthful and honest while moth has a completely different meaning. Where they come from, legend has it that when someone passes away, their soul remains with the family in the form of a moth for a short time.

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