Chicago Wall Art

Local artists in Chicago create breathtaking murals and sculptures that represent the city’s ethos, culture, and of course some of its most famous landmarks. And why not? Such is its enigma that Chicago is a living inspiration that never dies, which artists never tire of, and which consumers can’t get enough of. Are you one of them?

BIG Wall Décor is proud to feature wall art inspired by the city of Chicago. Check out our lively, captivating, and truly stunning Chicago wall artwork below.
An artist hanging a nice Chicago wall art piece

Chicago Wall Art Collection

Ranging from Urban Art to Beautiful Cityscapes

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Chicago, known as the Windy City and for its bustling art scene, has inspired popular art in several forms – art, film, music, and literature. To top it all, Chicago is not only home to some of the most internationally renowned art galleries and museums but also houses art almost everywhere, including on the streets, plastered on public buildings, and even in some of the remotest neighborhoods. 

BIG Wall Décor presents artwork directly inspired by and from it, paying tribute to the world-famous and third most populous city of the United States. Known by various nicknames in addition to the Windy City such as City Beautiful, City by the Lake, City in a Garden, etc., the city never ceases to intrigue.

Be it the famous Chicago skyline, the Chicago Riverwalk, the numerous Chicago cityscapes, or renowned landmarks, you’ll find Chicago wall art that showcases and represents these awe-inspiring metropolitan elements. 

If you’re looking for modern, urban, and eye-catching Chicago wall décor, look no further. Jazz up your living space with our oversized, massive, and large Chicago wall art pieces featured above!