Oversized Iconic Celebrity Pop Urban Graffiti Wall Art by Seek One

Graffiti Your Walls with New Artist: Seek One

Big Dom Perignon Luxury Champagne Pop Urban Graffiti Wall Art by Seek One
Oversized Iconic Celebrity Pop Urban Graffiti Wall Art by Seek One

Taking Graffiti from the Streets and into Your Home:

He went from tagging graffiti under bridges and over billboards to creating standout artwork for various celebrities and big-name art galleries. Pop graffiti artist Seek One has turned a passion into a lifestyle that breeds depth of imagination while paying homage to his community and hometown. It all began with the desire to express himself.

Growing up in the Victorian suburbs of Philadelphia, young skateboarder and photographer Rob Dugan would escape to the urban streets of downtown Philly where he felt most naturally creative. Illustrating his personal vibe with the city was done best through the art of graffiti and tagging. Through this medium, Rob found himself tagging in bubble letters and styling a new sign-off name for himself; Seek One.

Life would ebb and flow for Seek One, and it all contributed to his later success as a fine art artist. Taking a small break from tagging fences and alleyways, Seek One would eventually choose to attend school for business, to work a standard job, and travel when possible. It wasn’t until his trip to Europe that he felt reintroduced to urban street art.

After experiencing a memorable feeling and passion for street art, Seek One had turned a light back on for creating and producing contemporary pop graffiti wall art once again. Innovative and dedicated, Seek One has changed the art game with his pop graffiti art. Instead of leaving his art in the streets, he’d bring it back into people’s homes and into art galleries.

It took a strong vision, extreme dedication, and long hours into the night, but Seek One was determined to pour his creative energy into his new art projects. He creates abstract pop art portraits involving past and present popular icons such as Mick Jagger, Marilyn Monroe, and Jay-Z. He uses vintage brand-names like Dom Perignon, and as a signature, adds in his flair of urban graffiti art.

As his Instagram account began filling up with incredibly unique artworks, a specific piece dedicated to the popular hip-hop music group Migos was eventually scouted by none other than the group’s frontman Quavo. From this point, Seek One’s name gained notoriety, he has been commissioned for other famous celebrities like actress Kaley Cuoco, NBA star Kevin Durant, and a few players from the Sixers. This monumental wave of influence has catapulted him into the full-time artist he is today.

From Home Studio to Big-Name Galleries:

Mixing street art with popular culture is an art form to master, and Seek One does this seemingly effortlessly by incorporating history and modern times with the root of different cultures. His influence of other artists include Andy Warhol, Shepard Fairy, Retna and Roy Lichtenstein. As he admires other pop artists, he remains grounded in making a name for himself. He blends the art of photography, graffiti, drawing and painting into his original pieces, developing his own pop graffiti style attributing to nostalgia.

A self-taught artist, his process begins in his studio with a base of wooden panels, applying gesso, spray paint, and raw materials like newspaper or old Reebok magazine clippings. He then adds texture with oil-based chalk pastels, acrylics, and resin or epoxy coatings which provides a mixed-media aesthetic with soul. As Seek One’s style remains true to who he is and where he is from, his focus and goal is to impact others and spread his artwork into households and galleries worldwide with his modern urban pop art.

Big Chuck Taylor All Star Converse Pop Urban Graffiti Wall Art by Seek One
Oversized Iconic Celebrity Pop Urban Graffiti Wall Art by Seek One
Big Twiggy Vogue Model Pop Urban Graffiti Wall Art by Seek One
Big Chuck Taylor All Star Converse Pop Urban Graffiti Wall Art by Seek One

Gaining Notoriety and Giving Back:

Even since his new-found notoriety within his celebrity wall art, Seek One pushes himself to continuously connect and network with various markets, professionals, and art galleries. He has been featured in various online and print publications and galleries and events across the country including the Hampton’s Aspen, and Palm Beach. But regardless of his famed recognition, Seek One finds footing by contributing back to others in creative ways. He has worked for different campaigns and organizations, including Philadelphia’s COVID-19 relief fund.

The world was put on hold when the spread of coronavirus overpowered our households, hospitals and communities. For many artists, this can be a difficult time as galleries and businesses close, leaving the majority of large wall hangings sales to be made online only. Seek One is used to working alone in his studio, and so experiencing quarantine only helped him to seek inside of his soul a bit further, and soon, he was able to see where he could step in and help his community.

He created a painting of a rose surrounded with pop graffiti elements, giving it the name “A Rose of Relief”. This immaculate print was launched onto his website with the intention that 100% of the profits of every sale would go to the Philadelphia COVID-19 Fund. Helping raise thousands of dollars, Seek One turned ‘affect’ into effect and had found a way to give back to those in less fortunate circumstances with his amazing artwork.

Seeking Advice for the Aspiring Artists

Creating, Growing, Motivating:

Seek One is an inspiring individual with his exceptional art aesthetic, his mindset of growth, and his entrepreneurial spirit. To lend a few words of advice for other aspiring artists, he would tell them that by developing and creating your own style, you create more value in the world. Break through boundaries, create from your soul, and attempt to transform your community. For more inspiration and insight from the artist, follow Seek One on Instagram @seekoneart !

Big Pop Graffiti Art Seek One Signature