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How to Make Coloured Salt


How to Make Coloured Salt

Coloured salt is a very easy material to make with ingredients I bet you have lying around the house at this very moment. This project is great for little hands.

• Salt
• Food Colouring
• Ziploc Bags

Step One 
Add the desired amount of salt to a Ziploc bag.

Step Two 
Add food colouring to the bag. The more food colouring, the more saturated your colours.

Step Three 
The most important step! Press out all the air from the bag and securely close it. The last thing you want is a bag of exploded food colouring and salt all over your house!

Step Four
Knead the salt and colouring until it is all mixed together. I found that waiting to mix everything a minute or so after adding the food colouring made for less colouring clumps and an easier mixing process.

You’re done! If you’ve added a lot of food colouring you may want to let your salt dry out a little by leaving it exposed to fresh air. Otherwise, you can either store it in the Ziploc bag or another airtight container.




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