New Art Drop: Jojo Silla’s Nigerian-American Inspired Paintings.

Embracing Her Culture

Jojo’s bold style is made up of vibrant colors, unique African fabrics and patterns bring her afro-pop-vibe paintings to life at the fullest.

Currently residing in New York with her husband and young daughter Nailah, Jojo Silla digs deep down to her Nigerian-American roots to outspread a multifaced of contemporary artworks. Her passion is to explore and acknowledge the treasure of beautifully rich, black cultures around the world. Jojo communicates true soul, beauty, and ancestry into her paintings, her music, and her filmwork. An artist she feels inspired by is Nuwarhol, a featured artist on our website. She finds his work beautiful and respects that Nuwarhol pays great homage to more incredible Black icons.

Delightfully happy and deeply inspired, Jojo finds music to be a must have. “I’m a music head — I listen to a wide variety. Anything from gospel, to afro beats, to soul, pop…”. In particular, she connects the song “He is” by musician Heather Headley with her painting “Aloirog”. Jojo describes the song and her painting as a joint representation of a “soulful, strong, flawed, brilliant, calm, and steadfast man”. 

She could have on the sexiest dress, but her feet will definitely sport a pair of Nike sneakers. Fashion gear in check, but what about her favorite artistic gear? Canvas, brushes, acrylic paint and African fabric and gemstones. After laying down a large tarp, Jojo places her canvases on the floor and paints on her knees. The next step, figuring out which paint brush to use and where. Jojo tells us, “It is art in itself [using the right paint brush] because it could make or break the painting.”

When she’s not creating art, she’s reslishing in the comfort of others art. Her favorite film genre is drama, especially if it’s based on a true story. Favorites include: “Catch Me If You Can” and “The Sound of Music”. When curling up for a good reading sesh, she votes for memoirs/biographies. Jojo is currently reading “Men We Reaped” by Jesym Ward. 

Beyond her breathtaking, afro-pop influenced artwork, Jojo exudes this raw, virgo energy. Her spirit is soulful, down to earth, and her vibe is all about spreading love. When asked which piece of her artwork was her personal favorite and why, she responded, “They are all my babies and a mother never has favorites.” Jojo Silla curates from pure love.


Jojo is an artist in various realms, including making music of her own. Check out her new song “Copacetic” on Spotify and Soundcloud.