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These are the best large wall art trends for 2021. Huge wall décor will never look the same with these trending styles. Find new artists in the top selling categories of giant wall art that speak to a new generation of art buyer.

Allow yourself to be embraced by the soul of the sea and sunlight. See the breathtaking images captured by Surf and Ocean Landscape photographer Derek Gomez.

Julien Tabet’s animal photography manipulation will make you look twice. His surrealist take on the animal kingdom is unique from its choice of animals to its color palette.

Seek One effortlessly incorporates historic and modern themes with the root of different cultures creating notorious pop graffiti wall art.

Fashionistas are well-known for more than just the clothes they wear, but with the way they represent new styles and fashions in their personal surroundings and environment.

Join us for the fresh release of New Art Drops from two incredible and different photographers who both share a passion for breathtaking views, landscapes, and the intricate art of post-processing and editing. Jessica Vide x Zachary Doehler.

With a relaxed body and an explorative mindset, you’re able to intake beautiful moments and imagery to a deeper level. What type of wall art appeals to a person of drug-induced persona? Which hues and colors will amplify the state of our minds? Welcome to pothead art.

New Art Drop: Bambashkart’s Vintage Digital Collages – Combining vintage elements with modern techniques, Bambashkart creates surreal artwork in a genre of its own.

Nuwarhol’s style has often been described as a mash-up of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Keith Haring. With that being said it’s no surprise to see another Basquiat-themed artwork added to his collection.