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Make Your Own Scented Candle


Wax-bead Scented Candle

With this, you’re going to be able to make your own candles in just a few minutes, with no hassle and no mess! They are called wax beads. Yes, wax beads. And all you do is put them in a container with a wick and a scent and you’re done! Here’s how to do it.


  • Glass Jar Container
  • Wax Beads (Buy from craft store)
  • Wick (Buy from craft store)
  • Essential Oil


Step 1

Pour your wax beads into your container. If you’re doing multiple colours, make sure you use a spoon to even out the surface of one color before adding the next one.

Step 2

Use your spoon to flatten and smooth the top once you have filled your container. Leave a little room at the top (an inch or two).

Step 3

Push in your wick piece that you have hopefully trimmed down to size. If you are using a wick that has a metal piece at the bottom, then you will put it in your container first before adding the beads.

Step 4

Take a dropper and drop in a few drops of the essential oil you want to use.

A couple of things to think about when making your own candles:
Be careful not to put too much wax in your container, and always be careful not to use too big of a wick for your container either. We don’t want to have any messes or fires! The container you use should be fire-resistant as well. Do not add your essential oil as the candle is lit, and use caution and care around flames…always!

Another thing to note about wicks:
Stay away from wicks that have a piece of metal in them (lead), as this puts toxins into the atmosphere. If you can go with a soy or bees wax, that’s the best option for a healthy home.

See how easy it is to make your own scented candle? Now get out there and make some awesome gifts, or just make them to enjoy yourself!




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