New Art Drop: Bambashkart’s Vintage Digital Collages

From a Village in the Balkans


Far from the next closest city, Bambashkart had to utilize his creativity to maintain a positive attitude and keep himself entertained. Initially he wanted to study software engineering, but his mother signed him up for art school without telling him. He studied art like sculpting, drawing, and graphic art. As he grew older he appreciated the decision his mother had made and knew that art school was the right place for him. After leaving high school, he moved to a different town to study Information and Communication Technology at a technical university. He believes they were the toughest years of his life, but he is proud to have gotten his degree.

Large Surreal Woman Framed Fabric Wall Art by Bambashkart
Large Surreal Vintage Collage Framed Fabric Wall Art by Bambashkart

Turning to Digital Art


At its inception, digital art marked a relationship between artists and engineers/scientists, which explored the connections between art and technology. This  explains Bambashkart’s strong connection to digital art. With his computer, he creates digital collages from vintage artwork. Reworking and manipulating the retro elements, he creates surreal artwork in a genre of its own. While much of his artwork is similar in style, many of his projects turn to a different look and new artwork he comes out with follows suit. It’s easy to see how his style has adapted over time. From his Kill Them With Love collection, he shows Dean Martin and other classic actors shooting guns with flowers for bullets. In Mountain Beach and Santorini Greece, he has space-like landscapes showing slightly odd mixtures of mountains next to beaches with unique coloring. Golden Grenade and others depict various objects with clouds and flowers. Lately, he has also been creating marijuana focused artwork.

Outside of the Artwork


Beyond his digital art, Bambashkart is a huge music fan. Listening to a variety of genres like Chill-Hop, Chill Jazz, Classical music, and Chill House, his artwork takes on the same vibes as the music. On his playlist, artists like Mounika, KOTA The Friend, Jorja Smith, and Onyx come to the front. He considers his fashion style to be rebellious and always has his black sweatshirt that he got for 40 cents at a thrift shop 3 years ago. He loves tomatoes and grows them himself. He and his girlfriend have a cat and he loves spending time with his family.