Big Nature Mountain Beach Landscape Framed Fabric Wall Art by Jessica Vide and Zach Doehler


Two is always better than one. Here’s to releasing a New Art Drop from two incredible and different photographers who both share a passion for breathtaking views, landscapes, and the intricate art of post-processing and editing. BIG presents to you: Jessica Vide x Zachary Doehler.

Big Tropical Hawaii Ocean Wave Surfer Surfboard Framed Fabric Wall Art by Jessica Vide

New Art Drop: JESS VIDE

Eye Catching Waves:

From Australia to Hawaii, Jessica Vide is able to capture some of the most beautiful images from some of the world’s most beautiful travel destinations. Living her best life in her favorite elements, Jess is able to curate her artwork and other talents in a way that people crave. It’s no wonder why she was recently hired by various surf companies and AMEX corporation for a pretty incredible campaign. One that provides a no-plastic-credit-card. Blessing us with her ocean artwork and a firm passion to save the environment, ladies and gentleman, Jess Vide.


Where in the World is Jess Vide?

Native to the southside of Australia, Jess Vide has been inspired by the beach and ponds her entire life. Using her skills in drawing, painting, ocean photography, and traveling, she is able to share with the world not only what happiness looks like, but what it genuinely feels like. Her love for exploration and adventure landed her in pursuit of cruising into the incomparable and gorgeous islands of Hawaii. Jess saw her opportunity and decided to purchase a couple of cameras, including her first drone for aerial photography. Spending all day of every day capturing paradise from above and in some cases, underwater, Jess had developed an eye for stylized ocean and surf photography, thus making incredible ocean wall art. Spreading her talent abroad with bright colors, love and positivity, Jess Vide sets the tone and vibe this earth so needs and desires. And we are thankful for it.


You Get What You Give:

Much like her surfer photography, Jess keeps a casual and free-spirited lifestyle. Her favorite genres of music include the positive hues of lo-fi and chill-step. These particular genres of music tend to uplift anyone’s heart and spirit, even when in a haze, so it’s no surprise that her favorite writers provide similar messages of hope and magic. Her favorite authors include Paulo Coelho and Brene Brown. Whether she is investing her personal artwork, giving gratitude towards others, or exploring a nearby beach sunset, you’ll most likely catch her wearing a basic white tee with a side of sporty. When she isn’t shooting photography, painting, or exploring, Jess loves to spend time with her wife and their two rabbits, Avery and Aspen. Avery is a nine month Holland Lop rabbit, and Aspen is a seven week Dwarf Lion. 

One thing she believes every aspiring artist and photographer should do is to invest in the best software.

Big Tropical Hawaii Ocean Wave Surfer Surfboard Framed Fabric Wall Art by Jessica Vide
Big Mount Whitney Canada Mountains Framed Fabric Wall Art by Zach Doehler


Too Cool for School:

Who knew that an interest in astrophotography could lead to becoming a well sought-out landscape and aerial photographer? And at such a young age of nineteen?! From Vancouver of the British Columbia in Canada, Zachary Doehler has been applying his time and strengths into his passions of breathtaking, scenic mountain photography and post-processing. On top of highlighting the art-world with his gifts of creating beautiful landscape wall art, he stays humble about the fact most images are captured while riding on his motorcycle, even through the rolling Alabama Hills and the massive Peaks of Mt. Whitney. Can this kid get any cooler?!


Post-Processing Passions:

A deep appreciation for the nature of Vancouver Island and all the beauty it has to offer, Zachary finds it adamant to emphasize colors and contrast when editing his photography. Giving a photograph that extra spark of life induces a feeling of warmth and comfort, and complete awe. He escapes into full artist mode when he’s editing, listening to his favorite musical artists and a mix of genres such as Rock, Hip-Hop, Indie, Electronic. With some help from his favorite tunes, he can create his photography into vivid, dreamworld artwork. He feels his style has been shaped and inspired by his depth of attraction and appreciation for nature. He artistically shares his passions with others in hopes to motivate all people to go out and explore the outdoors, whether it’s all the way to Death Valley National Park, or even if it’s just their backyard.


Current Projects:

When Mr. Doehler isn’t tracing the winding roads of the Canadian Mountains or shooting aerial footage of the Alpines, he’s been investing his free-time in another project he’s called “The Colorscapes Masterclass”. He explains it as an intricate online course, loaded with value, that will help others stay unique in a competitive industry by diving into the concepts that help every aspiring photographer and artist to create unique and colorful imagery. His life-wisdom from industry challenges has provided incredible conception for this main new project and for his future in capturing rich imagery. He finds both praise and criticism as important signs that a person is on their right path. Or in his words, “it shows you’re creating something different, and you’re actually succeeding with your art”. We agree with Zach, and that he is definitely succeeding with his art.