James Bond David Bowie Graffiti Wall Art by RS Artist for Huge Wall Decor

New Art Drop: Paris Street Art from RS Artist

Fresh Off the Streets of Paris


RS Artist has created a new collection of artworks that look as if they have been taken right off of the Serge Gainsbourg wall. Inspired by Basquiat’s contemporary vision, Warhol’s pop art, Villéglé’s collages, and Pollack’s fury, RS Artist creates his own world of pop art, street art, and urban art. Mixing graffiti style painting with photographs and doodles, the artwork features iconic characters from David Bowie to Elizabeth Taylor to Serge and Jane. His style is unique as it removes the images from their original context in order to build a new composition.

The King of Street Art


RS Artist belongs in a new generation of artists, and is at the forefront of defining the style of where street and pop art trending in the future. He has been painting and drawing since he was young and has explored many artistic fields. When looking at his artwork, you can see the amount of elements and details that make up the piece. Each piece is important, and no space is to be left behind. Every element plays an important part in the final artwork. He carefully selects his images and characters from newspapers, photographs, and posters, then paints and draws on top of them. The final result is a colorful street piece with emotion, movement, and complexity. Looking at his King David artwork, you see an image of Michelangelo’s statue with graffiti style paint and intricate icons and words drawn over the piece. It creates a sense of movement and respect for the original art while making it RS Artist’s own style.

Today’s New Style


Modern technology allows the artwork to be digitized in such high quality that it is more accessible than ever. RS Artist’s work can be enlarged to huge sizes with incredible quality. The printed wall art shows the paint splatters, sheen, and texture so similar to the original that it could be mistaken for the artists’ original work. With the rise of social media and the amount of photography and art in front of people every day, individuals are more quickly forming their own styles and tastes. Home decor has followed suit and has caused more people to search out bold, vibrant wall art like RS Artist’s. Bringing the street art vibe indoors is becoming increasingly popular. RS Artist is on the forefront of an artistic movement that will change the scope of pop art and street art for years to come.

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