Milk Magic


No two magic milk science activities will ever be the same!  It’s an explosion of color in your dish. Think fireworks and cool chemistry!

Kids are curious creatures and sharing fun and simple science activities at home or in the classroom is just another way to spark the fun in learning. We prefer to keep our science playful too.

What is Chemistry?

Let’s keep it basic for our younger or junior scientists! Chemistry is all about the way different materials are put together, and how they are made up including atoms and molecules. It’s also how these materials act under different conditions. Chemistry is often a base for physics so you will see overlap!

What might you experiment with in chemistry? Classically we think of a mad scientist and lots of bubbling beakers, and yes there are reactions between bases and acids to enjoy! Also, chemistry involves matter, changes, solutions, and the list goes on and on.

We will be exploring simple chemistry you can do at home or in the classroom that isn’t too crazy, but is still lots of fun for kids! You can check out some more chemistry activities here. Check out the video! You can never recreate the same look twice.

How to set it up

If you want to make this truly a science experiment where you are adding a bit of scientific method to your activity, you need to change up one variable.


  • Full Fat Milk
  • Food Coloring
  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • Cotton Swabs

Start by pouring your milk into a baking dish or another flat bottom surface. You don’t need a lot of milk just to cover the bottom and then some.

Next, you want to fill the top of the milk with drops of color! Go ahead and mix them all up. Go ahead and throw some glitter in there too, but that’s optional.

Now pour a bit of your dish soap into a bowl, touch your cotton swab tip to the dish soap to coat it. Bring it over to your milk dish and gently touch the surface of the milk with the soapy cotton swab! What happens?

Make sure to read the science below to learn more about this cool chemical reaction between the milk and the soap.

Remember each time you try magic milk it will be a little different.


There’s a terrific chemical reaction going on here between the soap and the milk’s fat. Milk is made up of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. When the soap is added to the milk is broken apart – the protein and the fats. The soap heads for the fats creating the cool bursting of color. When there is no more movement, all the fat molecules have been found. Are there any more hiding? Try another q-tip dipped in soap!




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