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Pop Art and Iconic Brands: How Famous Brand Names Shape Modern Art

The pop art movement first began to rise in prominence during the 1960’s. Artists during this era found that art could be created depicting everyday objects. Their true passion was found in the belief that art can be drawn from any source. The subject of their art became far from traditional “high art” themes of classic history. Rather, pop art is characterized by an interest in popular culture. As a result, each piece expresses imaginative interpretations of everyday objects like commercial products.

Brands Used by Iconic Pop Artists

Coming during the height of commercialism and advertising on Madison Ave. pop wall art has a strong interest in commercial culture. As a result, pop artists began creating artwork that put iconic brands on display.


For example, one of the most famous pieces during this era was Andy Warhol’s “32 Soup Cans”. In the artwork Warhol composed 32 hand painted canvases, each depicting a different flavor of Campbell’s Soup. He chose this subject for his artwork because it captured Pop Art’s focus on mass production and his own artistic interest in repetition.

Andy Warhol Large Pop Art Campbell's Soup

Another notable artwork that uses influence from a famous brand is “Columbia” by Antonio Caro. In this piece of artwork, Caro recreates the Columbian flag and adds the name of the country to the bottom. However, he uses the notable Coca-Cola font for the writing.

Caro’s work represents a critical look at the social and political conditions of his country. In particular, at the way in which certain historical processes have been adopted by popular culture.

Coca Cola Colombia Iconic Artwork
Massive Chanel Pop Wall Art
Large Pepsi Wall Art
Brand Mickey Supreme Large Artwork
Pop Wall Art Gucci Logo

Modern Brands in Pop Art

Modern artists are now taking these same concepts and applying them to their own artwork. There has always been a fascination from the public when it comes to iconic brands. Especially, in the younger generations. In a world where popularity is equated to associating with popular brands, it is easy to see why modern pop wall art is so popular. Large wall art is a great way to show off your personal brand. Maybe you are a sneaker head, and what better way to show that off than with a cool piece of art with Jordan 1’s on it? Better yet, you may be on the classier side and enjoy the finer things in life. A great way to put that on display is with a piece of Chanel pop art.

Whether it be Chanel, Gucci, Jordan, Dom Perignon, or so many others. Brands and commercial products have a strong connection with people all around the world and can now be prominently displayed on your walls. 

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