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Pop Artist NuWarhol: New York Street Artist Takes Art World by Storm

About Pop Artist NuWarhol

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Nicholas Anglin began his artistic journey as a graphic designer. Ultimately his life-changing opportunity has been to pursue his teenage/childhood dream of exploring the art scene in one of the world’s toughest cities, New York which he now calls home.

With his experience he thought that it would have been a fairly easy transition, but it was particularly difficult to adjust from the warmth of the tropics to the cold, depressing winters. Seeking inspiration, he used documentaries about the city’s art scene to rekindle his passion and regain motivation. Using his brush as resistance to the mundane, he began to paint under the moniker of Nuwarhol. Explore the artistic abyss of his surroundings – NU. Depict a state of mind, armed with conflict – WAR – or shrouded with joy. Leave him high on life – HOL – with art as his fuse.

Dedicated to making people rediscover their senses, he ingenuously fuses popular culture, street art, music, and fashion. Furthermore, Pop artist Nuwarhol makes his subjects iconic through his use of bright colors and symbols, which have become signature features of his work. His style has often been compared to the likes of and often been described as a mash up of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Undoubtedly, Nuwarhol is evidently working his way towards becoming one of the greats in the art scene.

Digital Artist for Pop Art Nuwarhol Designs Modern Wall Art for Home Decor to Hang in Living Room

Q&A with Nuwarhol

What kind of music do you listen to?

  • I have a variety of music genres I listen to: Dancehall, Reggae, UK Grime, Dub, AfroBeats, Electronic house, R&B…you name it. Especially to start my day because It gets me energized and ready for whatever the day throws at me.


What is one item you are never without?

  • My Clark’s. They are a staple in my wardrobe. Especially my black wallabbee’s, which are my go to pair.


What other artists do you look up to and gather inspo from?

  • I would have to say Basquiat, George Condo, and obviously, Andy Warhol.


What gear do you use to make your work? What’s your workflow?

  • First, my gear includes a pencil and scrap paper. Followed by paint markers, my iPad, and sometimes references, depending on the piece. I move from rough doodles and scribbles on paper to more fleshed-out ideas in the digital world. I feel Iike every version is a piece in itself, the idea keeps transforming and it’s never really complete.


What is your goal with your artwork?

  • At this time the intention of my art is to bring perspective and life to the world, by adding color, beauty and abstraction. I think we all have the power to create our own worlds, and my artwork is my way of opening the doors and inviting people to be a part of mine.


When did you start creating and why?

  • I’ve always created. From I was a child I would sit on the floor and draw on scrap pieces of paper. No one even knew I did this. I’d hide my drawings in a box under the bed. As I got older, I then started to explore graphic design, illustration, videography, editing, motion design, and photography. Safe to say I’ve explored most of it. I create simply because I have to. I will see or feel something and suddenly get an overwhelming urge to transform it into something. It makes me feel alive.


Where are you from and how does that influence your art?

  • I’m from Kingston, Jamaica. I think being from Jamaica greatly influences my art, especially now that I’m living in New York. It gives me a lot of perspective as I’m coming form a small slow-paced in contrast to the bustling city of NYC.  As a result, it taught me to make the most from the little I had and also gave me the drive to work hard towards my dreams.


How does your current location influence your art?

  • There’s so much influence here in New YorkYou see and interact with people from different cultures and walks of life on a daily basis. The hustle and bustle of the city also keeps you on your toes. Your are surrounded my millions of people who are just as good and passionate about their dreams as you.


What are your next steps in life or with your art?

  • Ultimately, I want to build my name, work on collaborations with some of my favorite brands, travel the world and empower another generation of Caribbean kids to pursue their dreams. Above all, my ultimate goal is to inspire and empower the youth because growing up I didn’t see that.


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