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Pour-Painted Paper Weight Stones


Pour-Painted Paper Weight Stones

A pour-painted rock paperweight is a great homemade gift for kids to make for parents, teachers or friends.

There are no brushes involved, or any other tools for that matter.  It’s just paint and gravity doing their thing together.

You will need:
• smooth, clean beach stones
• acrylic craft paint – variety of colours
• cookie cooling rack
• tray or pan to collect the run-off
• craft varnish if desired

Prepare your stones:
• You want your stones to be clean of any dirt and debris so the paint will adhere to them.
• To dry your stones quickly, you can set them in the sun, blast them with the hair dryer, or place them in a warm oven.

OK, now the fun begins!
Set your cooling rack on top of a baking sheet, cake pan or tray… anything with a raised edge. The cooling rack will allow excess paint to run off of your stone, and the pan or tray will catch it.
Begin by dribbling a generous amount of paint onto your rock.  When you’ve got a nice puddle there, grab a second colour, and squeeze a generous amount on to the first.  Repeat with a third and a fourth…

If there are bare areas that your paint hasn’t covered, just squeeze some on to that area, and drizzle another colour or two on top.

Should you thin your paints first?
We were using our acrylics full-strength, but they were pretty thick.  You could definitely pour your paint into a little cup first, and thin it with a BIT of water.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how much water to add, because I’ve never thinned ours.  Just start with a few drops, and see how it goes.

What about the wasted paint?
There will definitely be run off.  You might be thinking that this is an expensive project, but it’s not at all.
I buy our acrylics at the dollar store – they’re vibrant and the quality is great but they’re really inexpensive.  When you consider the rocks didn’t cost us a thing, our paper weights probably come in at about a dollar or less a piece.




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