Huge Wall Art Trends CGI Artwork by Konji

The Best Large Wall Art Trends for 2021

What we hang on our walls is not only a reflection of our taste, but a symbol of the times. Today’s large wall art is much different than it was 20 years ago, let alone 5 years ago. Art style is evolving, and new artists are popping up everywhere, especially with the rise of social media like Instagram and Tik Tok. Platforms like these help artists and audiences share artwork more freely. Not only that, advancements in technology have enabled new forms of visual art that use digital creation components that have only emerged to be mainstream in recent years. So, if you are looking to buy huge wall art in 2021 here are the best trends that will make your walls look like they are from the future, not the past.  

Floral Heads 

Surreal art has always been a fashionable staple on walls, but today’s artists are putting a twist on this traditional style by using a human element combined with flowers and plants. This new trend of Floral Wall Art features a floral arrangement over the face of an anonymous human. The face of the human is left up for interpretation. A great example of this artwork has been mastered by surreal artist Frank Moth with some retro flair. Moth uses his graphic editing genius to create a relaxing and mesmerizing and artistic form of surrealist college by incorporating unbiased characters, the essence of romance and poetry, touched over with floral and fauna elements. Moth is among many new age artists who have made floral head wall art something that the modern wall art connoisseur can enjoy. 

Massive Wall Art Trends Floral Head Artwork
Huge Wall Art Trends Floral Head Artwork
Big Wall Art Trends Floral Head Artwork

Neon Colors 

Using neon color signs and artwork as a form of large wall décor has been a staple of art lovers for decades. In today’s world, it is even more fashionable to display these as thought provoking quotes on our walls. Now, one of the best wall décor trends is to enjoy your neon colors on large printed wall art. Creating an entirely new form of wall décor, these prints are made up of inspiring statements and quotes. Three artists that excel at designing wall art involving themes and words in neon color lettering are Devansh Atray, Seamless, and Manav Sharma. All three artists incorporate their distinctive styles of digital artwork showcasing neon wording. These popular and colorful neon prints provide more than inspirational reminders. They showcase bright pastel pops of color into your home, all without running the risk of harming your eyes.

Another hot version of Neon Wall Art is born in the concept of surrealism. Digital surreal Artist Skie Graphic Stuido creates artwork focusing on a blend of bold and pastel neon colors, exploring life in Vaporwave type settings. Each vibrant piece of artwork provokes wonder amongst their worldwide audience using Vaporwave mixed with surrealism. It’s talented digital artists like Danavash, Seamless, and Skie Graphic Studio that are leading the way of this stimulating style. Demographics of all ages and places are engaging with these styles with a plethora of likes and shares all over the web. You’ll feel inspired creatively and mentality as you start your day right looking at your vividly modern, Neon Wall Art. 

Big Wall Art Trends Neon Artwork
Best Large Wall Art Trends Neon Artwork

Digital Painting

Painting a reputable masterpiece no longer requires any messy paint spills. In today’s modern art world, more and more emerging artists are using iPads and computer design services as digital creation tools. These tools give modern artists new ways to express themselves and the world around us.  Digital Artists are now able to draw, paint, and edit at their fingertips, entirely on a digital device. Even cooler, these digital paintings are hitting walls in large printed format. 

One artist who is changing the game with his colorful style is known as Nuwarhol. Nuwarhol’s digital paintings include iconic pop celebrities, culturally relevant events, and big brand names that have mass appeal. Nuwarhol’s individual style of digital painting speaks to his wide range of supporters on a personal, yet playful, level. Hanging his artwork on your walls immediately gives off that extra edge.  You’re home guests will be left wondering why they just can’t be as cool as you are with this unique wall art.

Big Wall Art Trends Digital Painting Artwork
Big Wall Art Trends Digital Painting Artwork
Oversized Wall Art Trends Digital Painting Artwork

The Future is CGI Art

Computer Generated Imagery, or CGI, is the next new wave in large modern wall art. This newly trending form of artistic expression is actually a cheaper and more practical method over physical production. This means that instead of paying models or traveling far to scout locations, technologically-abled photographers and designers are now able to digitally create their own world that’s rendered entirely from a computer program. Mostly known for video games and movies like Avatar, these types of computer aided artworks are becoming more and more accessible and available for your home or office décor. 

Mastering the visual aesthetics of CGI based artwork and photography are Digital Artists Lucas  Rackliffe and Konji. Both artists render their images digitally, emphasizing on their style of aesthetically pleasing CGI rendered subjects. This modern form of  Digital Wall Art is becoming increasingly popular amongst various demographics and ages of people across the globe. Just one look at our CGI Wall Art Collection and you’ll find a deep appreciation of the time and effort that goes into creating these surreal scenes.

Big Wall Art Trends CGI Artwork
Massive Wall Art Trends CGI Artwork by Konji
Big Wall Art Trends CGI Artwork

Astronaut Art 

Who knew that examining the day in the life of an astronaut character would be so epic? Many artists all over the world have been exploring all different ways to exhibit all of the unique settings they would go if they had a spaceman suit like an astronaut. In these imagined settings, digital artists are using the art of computer generated software programs to highlight this well-known character as they fly, swim, sit, float, lounge and adventure through unique spaces. Surprisingly comforting, most of us can connect with this character and feel inspired with each new escapade created by our different artists. And we’re able to explore alongside from the comfort of our own sofa.

An artist that excels in incorporating an Astronaut’s lifestyle into their digitally rendered artwork is CaptvArt. Although each of these artists hone in on their very own individualistic style of creation, all three share a similar concept of Astronaut Lifestyle Artwork. CGI digital artist CaptvArt specifically specializes in a series of portraits surrounding the lifestyle of an astronaut. CaptvArt makes a name for himself by honing into a style that applies an aesthetic of the modern, vaporwave movement to each piece of art. The digital artist is also able to convey rich emotion and provoke deep thought from his viewers as they find themselves effortlessly connecting with a faceless astronaut. More than a trend, this artist has been able to form relationships between this celebrated subject in his artwork and with his audience. That’s pretty far out.

Large Wall Art Trends Astronaut Artwork
Big Wall Art Trends Astronaut Artwork
Big Wall Art Trends Astronaut Artwork