Large Affordable trippy drugs baked dope Framed Fabric Wall Art

Trippy Wall Art for the Everyday Pothead

Welcome to Pothead Art.

Insert yourself here: Sitting cozy in your favorite chair; tucked away in a downstairs den which is filled with familiar smells and old family treasures. You have access to all the snacks and beverages you so desire, because you happen to cohabitate in the same house as your mother. To further your comfort experience, you take a long drag of your marijuana cigarette, sink into your beloved chair, and vibe with the lo-fi music.

With a relaxed body and an explorative mindset, you’re able to intake beautiful moments and imagery to a deeper level, mostly in thanks to the weed. What type of trippy wall art appeals to your drug-induced persona? Which hues and colors will amplify your state of mind? 

Welcome to pothead art.

Large Affordable trippy neon drugs Framed Fabric Wall Art
Large Affordable trippy marijuana pot head Framed Fabric Wall Art
Large Affordable trippy vaporwave electronic figure surreal Framed Fabric Wall Art

What type of wall art appeals to your drug-induced persona?

If you’re a person whose drug of choice is Marijuana – you’ll vibe well with Vaporwave Wall Art. But of course that depends on which strand you are ingesting. Indica lovers may prefer something more easy on the eyes; a lucid dream look. If you’re more into Sativa, your inner child may feel more elated by exploring trippy artwork that consists of smaller, more intricate details, kind of like a “Where’s Waldo” piece. 

Love Shrooms, but your hiking weekend getaway was cancelled? Take your drugs and a seat onto your leather sofa and stare ahead. What do you see? An art piece that contains all kinds of twists and turns. Different colors, hidden figures, new characters. Cartoon Wall Art could be the fix you need for the next time you roll.

Large Affordable trippy vaporwave electronic figure surreal Framed Fabric Wall Art

What type of space helps your high stay high?

Smuggled some Ayahuasca from your last trip to the desert? You’re going to need a safe space.

When styling your personal vibe nook, you’ll want to create with a surrealist mindset. Seek out trippy room decor and furniture that not only looks good but feels good to the touch. Set the musical tone in the background and pursue bands like Sublime, DayWave, or NoName. You need trippy and Surreal Wall Art that gives your mind and spirit a rest from the daily grind helping you to remember that with life, it’s all good. Also, neon lights are never a bad idea.

But, if you are actually doing Ayahuasca, be warned. While you may find High Wall Art may provide a calming institution for your life-altering experience, you’re probably going to spend too much time hurling with your face in a bucket. Good luck!

Large Affordable trippy animal surreal Framed Fabric Wall Art

Whoa Dude! Wall Art

Place yourself into the source of life and the scenic landscapes of the greater plains of Africa. You’ll find exotic and native animals to be quite literally shedding their layers. Even more so, your eyes might become boggled by the digital replacement of “normal” body parts. Whether you’re into drugs or not, there is one particular artist that will make anyone take a deeper look.

Julien Tabet | France

Large Affordable trippy rick and morty drugs Framed Fabric Wall Art

Strung Out! Wall Art 

You are always on the go and don’t like to have too many things around. A crazed minimalist, if you will. Perhaps your desired setting is one without a view of the busy highway or noisy television set – but an enticing main focal point made up of bright colors, animated characters, and hidden features. If you vibe with this style, you’ll love Cartoon Pop Wall Art.

Nathan Wegs | Brandon, FL

Large Affordable trippy bright palm tree Framed Fabric Wall Art

Good Vibes Mon! Wall Art 

Ganja, Maryjane, Weed… Whatever you wanna call it. If your drug of choice is pot, then you’ll dig on artwork that keeps you calm and life simplistic. One of the worst things to ruin your high is an uncomfortable setting that leads to feelings of paranoia and distress. You should feel like you are the beach, or at least on beach time. Happy tones. Peaceful colors. Light spirits. Good Vibez Mon!

Aryton Page | Tempe, AZ

Large Affordable trippy vaporwave colorful surreal Framed Fabric Wall Art

Surreal Vaporwave! Wall Art

Often finding yourself lost in the curated philosophies of the late mastermind Salvador Dali or deep starry galaxies? You’ll enjoy Surreal Wall Art that bends your mind and the time. There’s something comforting in not knowing the why’s in life. Why is there a clock melting on that tree? Why is there a portal in the mountains leading to a new dimension? You need Surreal Vaporwave Wall Art.

Yagedan | Cali, Columbia

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